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KonAd participates in Open Source Development. In this Area we are especially building Ada libraries.

Konada.Db - Oracle Access Library

Konada.Db is an Ada library for easy access to Oracle Databases. Konada.Db is built on top of Dmitriy Anisimkov's Ada Oci library, a binding to the Oracle Call Interface. Konada.Db is released under the GMGPL (see the source).

Some of Konada.Db features:

Look at a Screenshot of a simple SQL Query Tool built with Konada.Db and David Botton's Gwindows Library. This example is contained in the Distribution.

Download new versions (June 2007) For installation look at the README file in the top level directory and follow the instructions.

Extension Packages for David Botton's GWindows Binding
New Version from November 2004

GWindows is an Ada binding to the win32 api which is centered on the graphical user interface. GWindows is now hosted at Sourceforge. Our extension library contains packages which enrich GWindows with state-of-the-art windows controls. Gwindows_Extended is released under the GMGPL (see the source).

Some Features of Gwindows_Extended (New Version):

Look at the Gwindows_Extended Example which is contained in the distribution. Or look at a Screenshot from our current development which shows a workflow client. If you want to use Gwindows_Extended you have to become familiar with Gwindows first.

Download Gwindows_Extended New Version from November 2004 (87K)
Download Gwindows_Extended Old Version from March 2004 (71K)

The source is contained in the "bindings" subdirectory.